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R Wright Studios

Hand forged goods for the home and kitchen

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Featured collections

Herb cutter

These herb choppers have been hand forged from vintage recycled files. Each herb chopper is made by hand, and have slight variations and unique characteristics. These herb choppers are made to be used one handed, in a rocking motion similar to a mezzeluna, and will allow a chef to finely chop herbs with little effort.

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Bottle opener

This railroad spike has been Hand forged into a bottle opener with a simple twist of the handle. It is then sealed with locally sourced beeswax to prevent rusting. Weighing in at a hefty 1/2 pound this bottle opener is sure to prove your taste and masculinity at any house party or tailgate event! Excellent gift for holidays, birthdays, groomsman gifts, or just because!! Each one is handmade so no two are exactly alike!

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Steak turner

These unique hand forged railroad spike steak tuners are perfect for tending to your BBQ or grill! Each one is hand forged from a vintage railroad spike into a unique piece with its its own characteristics. After being shaped and polished, it is sealed with locally sourced beeswax from small hobby beekeepers. Each piece has a leather lanyard attached to the handle so it can easily hang in the kitchen or on the grill. Great for flipping steaks, chicken breasts, pork chops or any other sizzling meat you have on the grill or in the smoker!

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These one of a kind corkscrews have been hand forged from repurposed vintage metal using traditional blacksmithing techniques of using a hammer and anvil at the forge. Each piece is handmade and contains slight variations and individual characteristics.  These are the perfect addition to any wine enthusiast kitchen and make excellent gifts. 

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I love my hand forged fire-poker. It has unique characteristics that make it one of a kind. Its great for cool evenings in front of the firepit!

Joel Ward, June 24, 2017

My dad loved it, such a perfect father's day present!

Mikaela, June 19 2017

This is a clean well made piece with great lines and a great balance of weight. It is better than I expected, especially for the price. Thank you for the perfect gift!

Jake, April 28 2017

Our commissioned "Travel" piece is exactly what I hoped for! He worked with me from the initial concept to putting it on the wall.

Jenni Ward, May 18 2017

Richard shipped this item quickly for me so I could get some late Christmas gifts to my family. The steak turners are beautiful! They are a very special blend of artsy and masculine which is exactly what I was looking for. I can't wait to see these things turn some meat. Thanks again Richard!

Thomas, January 12, 2016

Custom collections


These one of a kind tools are perfect for sitting around your campfire on a gorgeous evening. Keep your flames under control with this sturdy, functional, yet beautiful

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These gorgeous trees are the perfect juxtaposition between man and nature. Made out of upcycled vintage metal pipes that are manipulated to resemble branches and tree trunks. Leaves made of copper are patinaed for a beautiful verdigris color or left natural so their coppery hue shines through and attached to the tree.

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Metal Roses

Treat your sweetheart to a testament of your love that will never wilt or lose color! These metal Rose Buds are hand formed and finished. They have been treated with a browning patina that gives them an amazing plum brown color. They are perfect to place on a shelf or to have in a bouquet as a centerpiece! Perfect for gifts, home decor, or wedding decor!

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