Steak Turner

These unique hand forged railroad spike steak tuners are perfect for tending to your BBQ or grill! Each one is hand forged from a vintage railroad spike into a unique piece with its own characteristics. After being shaped and polished, it is sealed with locally sourced beeswax from small hobby beekeepers. Each piece has a leather lanyard attached to the handle so it can easily hang in the kitchen or on the grill. Great for flipping steaks, chicken breasts, pork chops or any other sizzling meat you have on the grill or in the smoker! These make excellent gifts for the grilling enthusiast and for a groomsmen gift.

Care Instructions: Please wash in warm water with a mild soap and hand dry immediately. Do not allow to sit in water or place in the dishwasher or rusting will occur. To keep your herb steak turnerĀ in perfect condition, please apply a thin layer of olive oil onto the chopper occasionally.

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